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Go to Listed on NovaExchange and Coinexchange

Listed on NovaExchange and Coinexchange

Runners is listed on Novaexchange. Thank you all for the votes and support! Runners is also accepted on Coinexchange! Happy trading

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Go to our social media channels

We’ve registerd the social media channels for Runner’s. It would be great if you start to follow us. Also we’ll keep you up-to-date about cool stuff that we’ve done or will do.

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Join the Giveaway

Our Airdrop is live! We’ve decided to do a social give away on Twitter and Facebook. Do you want to get free Runner’s coins? Than please join!

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About runner's

What is the Runner's currency and what you can do with it
Runner's The online currency to every Athlete out there

Runner’s is the new online currency worthy of the name. Nowadays you see and come by Runner’s everywere. We all want a better condition and stay healthy and strong. Therefore you can join lots of cool marathons like the Boston marathon, marathon of New York, the Marathon of Havana, the great marathon over the chinese wall, the marathon of Rome and many more. To get yourself ready to run lots of kilometres you have to work out and train a lot. For this you need good running suply’s. Very soon you can buy this supply’s in sportclubs and gyms all over the world with the Runner’s currency.

Have you seen Runner’s in your local sports store? More and more tiny, often local payment methods are available. None of those will ever reach full potential. Runner’s is on the other hand a global decentralized currency. Runner’s can be used all over the world without having to fill out tricky forms or contracts. Each and every Runner and bussiness owner could start to spent and accept Runner’s coin in the same day. And spent his or her Runner’s coins later on with a large profit because of the global growth of the currency.

  • The website is almost done!

  • We hope to get accepted at novaexchange very soon.

  • Getting Runner's integraded by sportclubs and gyms

  • We hope to get accepted at coinexchange very soon. Please keep voting for us

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